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tv   Headline News  RT  June 12, 2013 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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leaks editor julian a sponge speaks with authority about the challenges that edward snowden faces after blowing the whistle on a massive u.s. secrets or balan's program. activists see the brutality of authorities in turkey intensifying as the prime minister gets set to meet protesters who've endured almost two weeks of heavy policing. generating greece shuts down its main t.v. and radio broadcaster as part of a cost cutting drive of thousands who are sacked label it low to democracy. bludgeon the riot police out alert after anticapitalist rallies lead to intense scuffles and fifty seven arrests less than a week before the start of the next g. eight summit.
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six pm in moscow i met très a good to have you with us here on r t our top story this hour washington is in damage control after a former cia worker exposed the government secret surveillance program lawmakers are now compiling a list of charges against edward snowden who is believed to be on the run he disappeared after checking out of a hotel in hong kong monday an interview britain's guardian newspaper snowden confessed he gave up his family and a six figure salary to expose a national security agency's massive surveillance program code named prism for more on the story enjoy my steven and cohen executive director director of the national whistleblower center thanks very much for joining us here on r t so edward snowden now is sort of missing in action he checked out of his hotel and nobody knows where he's gone off to except maybe a couple of people where do you think this story is headed next. well i hope it's
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heading in a good direction i hope people in the united states are realizing that he's a whistle blower that the information he provided was a public service and that whistleblowers like him should not be prosecuted and retaliated against that's why i hope it's gone over i don't think it's going that direction where do you think that or do you think it's going that you like think the government is going to charge him probably under the espionage act and they're going to try to make an example so others who have information about wrongdoing and crimes in our national security system are intimidated and don't blow the whistle. well if the twitter verse is anything to be listened to the more people on the twitter and in twitter apparently are saying that he's more of a hero than a traitor but the wiki leaks editor julian assange also weighed in on this and he
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said snowden's likely to be persecuted by the u.s. for many years adding to what you say your fears are let's take a listen to his comments before you respond to an amazing time. just three years off to the bradley manning revelations with bradley manning in trial and these snowden revelations come out. and a many others had called for the exact result for relations to expose the surveillance state so i think we're winning i think that's part of a new international politic that is developing. do you think there is any kind of like i said any kind of victory to be made from any of this or do you think that it's more of a hinderance that this war to a chilling effect on whistleblowers. i think short term there may be a chilling effect but at some point the american people need to stand up and say
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that was suppliers need protection at the american people have a right to know if crimes if their governments are violating the constitution if their leaders have perjured themselves to congress all of these are implicated in this case the american people have a right to know and our civil servants paid by our tax dollars have a right to blow the whistle and that's a right that we have to fight for and protect and i hope that a case like this helps to mobilize support for the change we need here in the united states the e.u. has a demanded proof that the u.s. hasn't been infringing on the rights of europeans through this surveillance program but it's been going on for some time now behind the scenes do you think the e.u. can really know whether or not its people have or have not been monitoring monitored under the prism program. no they won't be able to know that and this is
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an interesting fact the n.s.a. national security agency the agency at issue here has with impunity worked internationally and our courts have said because it's outside the united states our constitution does not apply now the n.s.a. has come into the united states they're spying on americans and waters are our lawmakers saying that the government saying that the constitution somehow should not apply to the n.s.a. the first amendment right to freedom of speech should be eliminated the fourth amendment freedom from unreasonable searches should be eliminated the n.s.a. while operating in america must abide by american law unfortunately for europe that our legal system says they don't have to abide by our constitution in new york now just to wrap up here and to give
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a different perspective do you think it's possible that there could be a line drawn where it says if there is a court order for example or if a judge signs off on it and then it is ok for the n.s.a. to use this program to go get data to go get information of someone in the name of protecting national security. the problem with the pfizer court is it operates in secret that people who are the targets can't challenge the order it's in it's like a star chamber if that court issues an order the victims the targets at some point must have a right to challenge it in court and appeal it and appeal it to the supreme court and challenge it publicly if necessary because the way that court was set up to operate in secret and issue decisions in secret the rights of due process and constitutional protections do not exist and that's wrong. all right thanks for your
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insights stephen m. cohen executive director of the national whistleblower center thanks for your time . turkey's prime minister is to meet a group of protesters in a bid to stop the ongoing unrest in the country is following the biggest crackdown in demonstrations since they started almost two weeks ago as police stormed taksim square in istanbul overnight leaving the clashes are to go how's the latest from the scene. where the protesters used to be where there were banners and barricades now there are tons and scores of police officers really there all over the place on every single corner there's really heavy police presence here police actually were kind of blocking some of the square as well this of course all of this comes just twenty four hours after the square has seen an immense police presence here first the protesters who are camped out here for just a little over a week they were swept away by water cannons and tear gas in the early hours of the morning our crew went out to film it one of our. one of our cameraman actually
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sustained serious damage to his camera because it was broken by a. tear gas canister which flew right into it that's a good thing that didn't obviously hit his head but it was really close together probably spared no one people in wheelchairs the elderly women children and there's a lot of those people that i've seen with my own eyes that were here and the first people came back people wanted people were outraged by the fact that there was such an immense police presence and gans against a much more violence so they came back out in texas square to be dispersed by police yet again later in the evening on tuesday again and we do know at this point that there has been one confirmed death as a result of the clashes between the police and the protesters and if you think it's over well it isn't yet because some of the protesters that i've spoken to say they're going to continue to come here there's still the protesters left over in gezi park and that's where it all began they were promised the police wouldn't touch them that gezi park would be left to the protest. but that doesn't seem to be
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true because that they are say the police did come there yesterday and again when after they were done clearing people from jackson square they went against park and try to vic protesters from there we know that some tents have been knocked down and the press and the people who are in this movement they're saying we're going to come back again considering the fact that they are like i said there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of police on every single corner a new car this is where we can expect some really interesting action maybe later today maybe some are but the staff look not over. professor who's in back chief in the middle east technical university and thinks the government's reaction is only dividing the country but is the. uprising against the enroll man or intervention of truth as prime ministers in the life of citizens from the right of speech to drink of alcohol or any other things i think the
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turkey is experiencing now a new turbulent five call it in portugal terms the government is responsible to get out from the sponsor big but not to organize. big demonstrations like which is set for the recount on saturday and sunday i think it is a wrong move of the government to bring one side of the store side against the other side of the four side it can only lead in the long ground to free world. we've been following events in turkey since the start of the protest our international crew was tear it was tear gassed along with other demonstrators when they were caught up in a violent crackdown by the latest developments online at r.t. dot com. with an approaching presidential election in iran friday world powers hope they'll
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be some signs of a thaw for tehran's disputed disputed nuclear program washington and the e.u. suspect the program is aimed at covertly making bombs while iran insists they need it for power generation and medical purposes russia's president vladimir putin told r.t. he has no doubt though that the state is that hearing to international commitments . and. the issue itself is complicated but not for russia russia has delivered on all of its international commitments you know that russia has constructed the nuclear plants in a room we've delivered on all of our terms and conditions and we willing to go incorporating the insists on in breaching uranium themselves within the international mandates we don't see anything wrong with that as long as they keep it in line with international law they should be entitled to pursue their program. and you can watch president putin's full exclusive interview to r.t. after this news block at fourteen thirty g.m.t.
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so stay with us after that plus still ahead for you this hour despite living through decades of conflict israeli citizens often don't have anything more than a gas mask for security a report still to come. and the hidden dangers of justice system reform in the u.k. a look at plans to recruit private companies to supervise offenders who are released back into the community all that and more after a short break. we'll . technology innovation and all the developments from around russia we. covered. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom hard it was
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a big. download the official publication so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television just doesn't matter now with your mobile device you can watch on t.v. anytime anywhere. creases main t.v. and radio channels have been pulled off the air after the government decided to suspend all state run broadcasts to cut budget poss all twenty five hundred employees were shown the door while authorities slammed the company as a haven of waste and were
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a state broadcaster largely publicly funded with every household paying a fee regardless of whether or not they own a television large crowds joined in a protest against the decision though calling the move a blow to democracy party out of sight here is a social and political expert at the university of the aegean thinks greece is going too far in trying to please its international lenders care into the lunch we are witnessing is a very hard to read. on the part of the greek government the decision to shut down the whole network or the greek public broadcasting system is an example of the attempts from the part of the greek government to comply with the demands of the european union. the troika it's not just a question it was there is a it's not just a question. it is also a question of democracy. setting down in the name of the stare at the oval hole of
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public broadcasting network. is it is a heavy blow to democracy fifty seven people arrested by british police in connection with anti g eight protests in london tuesday the so-called carnival against capitalism and it intends scuffles but organizers warn it's just the start after a standoff lasting more than three hours police raided an occupied buildings and used by protesters as a makeshift headquarters one of the activists threatened to jump off the roof but was carried to safety hundreds of protesters took to the streets targeting banks hedge funds mining and oil firms in central london accusing the g eight of making the rich richer and doing nothing to end global conflicts r t sat down with one of the organizers to get his take people's messages that we want some of our real democracy back there seems to be a corporate takeover of democracy there's another one for the fascism we're very unhappy about the removal of ah to protest about rights to a fair trial with
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a lot of different things of you know the new school in northern bringing in you know there is there's a lot of things in this country people are very unhappy about that these kind of you know major. groups are trying to you know democracy basically and we need to have more transparent government we need you know to look at the whole situation the whole austerity law that's been pumped out on us it's not actually recession this is a robbery you have you know central bank to me and economies into boom and bust and certain people knowing about this on the scenes you know they are actually role being a lot of on public services and putting them into the private hands at the moment we're not being listened to in this country is that the people here. with many of the world's leading financial states deeply in debt developing economies could be is taking center stage signaling big changes in the financial world or his business presenter kitty pilgrim takes a look at how emerging markets could be surpassing some develop nations developing
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countries now account for overhaul of the wallets of qana me and with this growth comes power so we should nations are we talking about that well if we look at this map we can see that the developing world is overtaking the developed world and if we wind the call back we can see that back in one thousand nine hundred eighty two the developed world account of the sixty nine percent of the world economy while the developing world took up just. false forward all in thirty years the a mugging economies that will make up nearly three quarters of the world economy by twenty seven tane so is this economic shift changing the balance of power i asked legendary investor do you raja's exactly that. we're already seeing it it's not just the. world economy it's creditor nation or you nations as well historically people like great britain america finance developing nations as if
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they could grow but now it's the developing nations which have the money to develop i don't know if you've been you've been to hong kong or singapore or careers some of the places that the standard of living in many of these places much better than america right now a lot of j.f.k. in new york and you realize you're not third world airport but it's in europe were born euro universe were airport is already happening. so from the sounds of it these so-called developing countries don't need to develop any mole maybe it's the countries which have held the post strings to so long who could now do with a little maintenance. argy dot com has the hunger strike continues or kuantan them obey us government scaling back its prosecution of many of the camps captive saying they don't have enough evidence to bring them to trial before a time line of the story and more. also on why. dying
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in japan at age one hundred sixteen i don't know about the life. on our website or . offenders on probation in the u.k. could soon be placed under the supervision of private firms. reports that's led some to accuse the government of putting cost cutting ahead of public safety the rehabilitation revolution that's what the coalition governments promised and in a bid to cut re-offending rates the government's now planning to turn to private companies. with plans to outsource a large chunk of the service by twenty fifteen that might come as a surprise to some given the less performance of g four s. there's a lympics when they failed to deliver. and the plans have been met with fierce opposition from across the public sector with many warnings that fall for the revolution disaster waiting to happen and we're extremely concerned about proposals
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the proposals to privatized two thirds of the workforce two thirds of the work load put in the hands of untrained private sector providers the proposals will leave the public probation service with around fifty thousand but the offenders he pays the greatest risk with private and voluntary services looking after the red. contracts on a payment by results basis the fear is that placing this vital parts of the criminal justice system into the hands of private companies could be community. there is a risk because although we have a number of prisoners who will never be released the vast majority of prisoners will be walking out of those gates behind i'm coming to. you many of the low to medium risk offenders go on to commit much more serious crimes the same called revolving door of every offending and he's just finished his second stint.
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just three months after his release from prison the first time he found himself right back inside. because he said he'd been on probation before an event she then called back inside the prison when wrong and what happens there were trying to put in the right now trying to get on a train scheme. do awaken funding from the government you like and so for now the took time to lawson it between to trust and then to analyze and to do and all that to three months why didn't i was i was i wasn't moving anywhere at the time was all over the place. is this really offending cycle the government's trying to break and they say that payment by results well innovates the system the question is the way he carries the risk if things don't work out at the end of the day those product companies are going to be
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accountable to shareholders not to the public and their losses will be split in fact it will be to the full interview. if not. to. the plans of all so you can tease many in the public probation sector which won the t. thousand and eleven pushes quality foundation gold medal the excellent. public bought private good. at the end of the day i still appalled the idea that anybody makes any profits out of the suffering of other people in the criminal justice system. so the street where we have the building the government insists the plan three even the shin the justice system the days on the frontline a warning that this bit to cut costs could come as a very high price. on the london. turning out of some other stories making global headlines rebels have reportedly attacked
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a village in eastern syria killing more than sixty people their violent scene is retaliation for an earlier attack by villagers this after government troops returned control of the northern town of qusayr last week recent army gains have alerted the west with friends in the u.s. now seriously mulling over the idea of sending lethal aid to the opposition the arms embargo on syria was lifted last month while efforts to push both sides to the negotiating table have so far stalled. a motorbike bomb in a rest of part of southern afghanistan has killed two and injured fifteen when it exploded in a marketplace this less than twenty four hours after another suicide explosion took the lives of seventeen people at the supreme court in the capital kabul in recent weeks there's been a wave of attacks by taliban forces and other militants against afghan security forces pushing violence to a twelve year high. french air traffic controllers in their second day of a strike causing more than one thousand nine hundred flight cancellations workers oppose evil plans to centralize european airspace rather than leave each nation to
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control its own skies well where workers are expected to also walk out thursday levy much of the country's transportation routes paralyzed. with tension high in the region israelis are used to living under a constant threat of conflict but how prepared other people should they come under attack or whose paulus leader takes a look. israel is the most fertile and country in the world we're talking about fifty to thanks to thousands of rockets. into israel and this is the reason why we have to be prepared but if the bombs start falling the only thing menachem penske can do is pray because like other orthodox jews this father of two is bristling with anger he's had to choose potentially save his life with a government supplied gas mask or keep it off and rely on prayer as things stand he can't do both i cannot cut off my bid to fit the gas mask the beard is part of
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being a jew growing a beard falls under respect of human life and i should not be forced to remove it in times of war just because the gas mask the government gives me doesn't fit over but even if you are clean shaven israeli only slightly more than half the population has a gas mask and if that's not indication enough recent drills organized by the home front were ignored by most people around the television residence and most people here will tell you that in times of war they know that miss grant the gas mask if they have one and one interesting case but what happens after that no one seems to have a clue no one is olbermann is typical she lives on the second floor of an apartment block with no shelter or any idea of where to find one i think i was supposed to go to the stairs or something i don't. really know i have my. guess mess. and i'm supposed to have it somewhere but they don't really take it it's not as if the powers that be aren't aware of the threats a record number of exhibitors converged on television recently hosting the largest
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offensive expose the country seen in years a wake up call that citizens need to be protected or an heir to. the priorities. and their priorities because of this it's never enough. if the idea for a lot of your bribe would build but that's still no excuse to complain residents of the streets village not far from these radio lebanese border forty percent of israel's arab population are without shelter and when dozens of his bill missiles rained down here during the last may been on war there was only one public shelter to protect five thousand people. at last check nor was i today the state is the only responsible and guilty party in the past people were caught in the line of fire like slaves as targets without being to the at this is a situation for out of citizens who live in israel's north we're human shields in the face of any intensive rocket fire on the country which just goes to show that
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behind the chaos of israel's well punished military facade of population dangerous he exposed. tel aviv coming out russia's president visited our team's new headquarters here in moscow tuesday and after a tour lattimer putin spoke with some of our correspondents the highlights of the discussion coming up in a few minutes stay with us. thanks. ali . i i. i i i
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i i i i i. wealthy british science it's time to. go. to. markets weiner scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports on our t.v. . money issue that at least our views are generally excited about today is the snowden case a man who is now being dubbed a second the sound has exposed total surveillance practices employed by the american government there are two sides to this story on the one hand that was classified information which makes this man a traitor but on the other hand the information he has leaked is of crucial importance primarily for the american public and for the world in general what do
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you think of that there's no doubt. that as he told us nothing we didn't know before i think everybody has long been aware that signals intelligence is about surveillance of individuals and organizations is becoming a global phenomenon in the context of combating international terrorism and such methods are generally practicable the question is how well those security agencies are controlled by the public i can tell you that at least in russia you can't just go and tap into someone's phone conversation without a warrant issued by court that's more or less the way a civilized society should go about fighting terrorism with modern day technology as long as it's exercised within the boundaries of the law that regulates intelligence activities it's all right but if it's unlawful then that's bad as a. government the pretty ones that are of on my side rather than go to the way that you cannot have a hundred percent security while maintaining hundred year.


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